Anonymous asked:

Explain white privilege in detail please

cultofkimber answered:

Racism manifests in two ways (everybody sing along if you know it): 1) As individual acts of meanness and prejudice. 2) As a system of oppression, fueled by racial dominance, that manifests in our culture and legislature, creating unequal access to societal goods, services, and opportunities and putting innumerable obstacles in the path of growth, self-reliance, and change. That second way is what’s known as “institutional racism,” and only people of color experience it because it’s a system that’s set up to actively disadvantage some to the benefit of others—the others being white people. “White privilege” is, thus, the name for that benefit. And, basically, it manifests as a daily psychological advantage of knowing that one’s experiences, thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs are the one that actually matter and shape society and are viewed as the norm.

And that’s as “in detail” as I’m getting because this isn’t Racism 101 and I’m not your teacher. You’re talking at me over the largest and most easily accessible network of information the world has literally EVER known. Take some responsibility for your own education; Google it. 

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